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Frequently Asked Questions

Daycare Questions:

What is Cage-Free Dog Daycare? The definition of Dog Daycare is an organized controlled and monitored environment for a group of friendly dogs to interact and play in an enclosed building or yard. Dog Daycare is one of the newest services available for dogs. It differs from Day Boarding, which some kennels and veterinarians will offer, where the dog is kept in a kennel for most of the day.  Unfortunately, some places that do Day Boarding referring to the service as Dog Daycare, which it is not. Dog Daycare also differs from Dog Walking services whereby the dog is typically tethered (on leash). In addition, Dog Daycare provides the dog with a social setting, which helps teach the dog how to properly interact in a group dynamic.

“Most dogs today also lack the stimulation of a real job – the herding, hunting, ratting, carting, or guarding that they were bred to do. Left home alone all day while their families are at work and school, they are bored, lonely, restless, and unemployed. Without the opportunity to interact regularly with others of their own kind, they even forget hot to speak ‘dog,’ and when they do meet up with other canines they are often socially inept, fearful, or aggressive. The sad result is a growing population of pets who exhibit inappropriate behaviors in the home, and who are ‘not good with other dogs.'”

-Whole Dog Journal; August 2001

Why should I consider Dog Daycare for my dog? Animal experts agree that exercise and socialization are an important part in maintaining a well-balanced, healthy dog.  Dogs left at home for extended periods of time lack proper exercise and mental stimulation which can lead to problems such as destructive behavior, incessant barking, separation anxiety, regression in housebreaking, etc. etc.  Owners that don’t provide daycare to their dogs tend to add to the problem by overdoing activity on the weekends and overfeeding treats to make their dog happy. Dog Daycare provides the exercise and socialization a dog needs in a safe, supervised environment.

Boarding Questions:

Do you take dogs overnight? Yes! Our overnight service is referred to as cage-free boarding. This means the service includes cage-free daycare socialization throughout the day. All of our boarding buddies are put in a kennel or crate while resting and eating. This is mainly for safety reasons, but also allows them to have a better chance of getting the rest and fuel that they need – especially after a full day of play and socialization!

How much does overnight boarding cost (per dog)? Overnight boarding costs $45 per day.

How would you describe a typical day at Happy Puppy for boarders? On the weekdays, all the dogs are let out around 7:00 am and they then eat breakfast around 7:30 am. All feedings are done in their kennel or crate for safety reasons. Their food is given a chance to settle (to help avoid bloating and throwing up their food) and they are then let back out for daycare socialization around 8:00 am. Nap-time is typically around 1:00 pm and is 1.5 to 2 hours long. Daycare socialization runs until about 6:00 pm and that is when they eat dinner. The dogs are taken out one more time to stretch their legs and to go poddy. They then go into their personal kennel or crate to sleep for the night.

On the weekends and holidays, there isn’t always a specific schedule like during the week, but we average 7-10 hours cage-free time for the dogs. We make sure the dogs aren’t in their kennels or crates for too long in order to help avoid accidents and making the dogs uncomfortable. The amount of cage-free time depends on who is scheduled for that weekend/holiday and is typically broken up throughout the day into 2-3 increments.

What about feeding? All dogs are fed a maximum of 3 times a day while boarding. This is to help insure they get the most cage-free/play time possible (most dogs need time to let their food settle to avoid bloating and vomiting). All dogs are put in their personal kennel or crate so the can be left alone with his food and eat his meal while not being bothered. This also helps with food aggression issues. Treats are also welcome, of course! We love to spoil them as much as possible during their stay with us!

What do I bring other than food and treats when my dog is boarding with you? Dog beds and/or blankets are welcome assuming your dog enjoys them. We want your pooch to be as comfortable as possible while resting after a hard day of play!

Are there pick up and drop off times on the weekend and holidays? We have two pick up times on the weekend. They are 9:am or 5:30pm and need to be scheduled in order to insure we have someone ready during those times. We also have a drop off time at 9:00am. This also needs to be scheduled.

We do allow drop off and pick up times on major holidays with no extra charge.

Miscellaneous Questions:

What happens if my dog does not get along with another dog in the program? We spend the time it takes to properly introduce a dog into the daycare pack so that he is comfortable and free of anxiety.  We have separate rooms and areas to give the dogs the time and space it takes to feel secure and comfortable before allowing them to incorporate into the pack.  We are also careful to only allow dogs in our program that are sociable and safe to bring into our daycare environment.

Don’t see the answer to your question? Please email us from our contact page and let us know so we can add it. We sure would appreciate it!

Open to the Public: Monday thru Friday   7:00am to 10:00 am & 4:00 pm to 6:00pm   (Appointment required – we unfortunately do not take walk-ins for safety reasons)  Weekends are by appointment only.