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Dog Daycare

Dog daycare provides puppies and dogs with a social setting which allows them to learn proper, as well as much needed, interaction with other dogs and humans.

Dogs are social, pack animals and need exercise and mental stimulation to be healthy and happy. Animal experts agree that exercise and socialization are an important part of maintaining a well-balanced, healthy dog.  Dogs left at home for extended periods of time lack proper exercise and mental stimulation which can lead to problems such as destructive behavior, incessant barking, separation anxiety, regression in housebreaking, etc. Many owners add to the problem by overdoing activity on the weekends and overfeeding of treats to make their dog happy. Dog Daycare provides the exercise and socialization a dog needs in a safe, supervised environment.

“Most dogs today also lack the stimulation of a real job – the herding, hunting, rattingove, carting, or guarding that they were bred to do. Left home alone all day while their families are at work and school, they are bored, lonely, restless, and unemployed. Without the opportunity to interact regularly with others of their own kind, they even forget hot to speak ‘dog,’ and when they do meet up with other canines they are often socially inept, fearful, or aggressive. The sad result is a growing population of pets who exhibit inappropriate behaviors in the home, and who are ‘not good with other dogs.'”

-Whole Dog Journal; August 2001


Our facility offers:

  • Indoor, and outdoor facility with 4,000 square feet of open, fenced play space along with another 1,000 square feet outside
  • Safe atmosphere with constant trained supervision. We haven’t had one vet emergency in all 14 years of being in business!
  • Fun environment for your furry friend to help ensure that he/she is healthy, happy, less trouble at home, and socialized
  • Play equipment (designed specifically for dogs) for maximum fun/safety
  • Climate controlled environment (air conditioning and heat)
  • 24 hour video surveillance
  • Textured epoxy flooring designed for a no slip surface.
  • Separate gated areas for doggie time-outs/feedings/sleeping/naps
  • Futons and dog beds for the ultimate resting experience!
  • Licensed and insured

Open to the public: Monday thru Friday   7:00am to 10:00am & 4:00pm to 6:00pm   (Appointment required – we unfortunately do not take walk-ins for safety reasons)