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Thanks so much for your interest in joining us! The first step to be a part of the Happy Puppy Pack is to do a pre-screening. This is done for the safety of your dog(s), our current dogs, and our staff. It can be done over the phone or online by answering the questions below. The online pre-screening is typically faster, but both options are available to you.

Online Pre-Screening

All of our dogs are social and comfortable in a group setting. They aren’t aggressive and don’t have any severe anxiety, whining, or barking issues. This helps keep all the dogs and everyone else involved safe and allows the dogs to have fun! 

Please answer the below questions the best that you can based on the knowledge you have about your best friend(s). If you have more than one dog, please answer each question for each of them below.

    Name Age Sex Breed Fixed?

    As dog daycare consultants recommend, we have a nap time in the middle of the day. This is for the dogs safety and overall enjoyment. Dogs get tired throughout the day and tend to lay around the daycare floor. A nap time keeps the dogs on similar schedules and gives them the rest that they need, both helping alleviate the dogs from getting crabby (just like kids!), being tired at different times, and laying down and getting stepped on which can all easily result in a fight.

    All the dogs that stay here are comfortable in their kennels/crates during nap time and nighttime if they are boarding. This allows all the dogs to sleep comfortably and get the rest that they need.

    The next step is a tour and temperament test. We first meet in our office, collect our registration paperwork and medical records (more details soon to follow when you receive our temperament test confirmation), give you a tour, and then if you feel comfortable doing so, we take your dog(s) off your hands to meet the Happy Puppy Pack for that day.

    For the temperament test, we introduce the group that is there one dog at a time until it is clear that there aren't any issues. The charge for the temperament test itself is $30. If everything works out, your dog(s) gets a complimentary day of daycare immediately following the test (which is mainly getting through meeting all the dogs in a peaceful manner).

    Current availability for boarding