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What do our happy customers say?

Elvis & Kano


Tommy over at Happy Puppy is wonderful! We lost our long time cage free border to a long distance move and it’s been tough finding a new place for my big ball of high energy boy and my “bubble boy” mixed breed.  Tommy took the time to understand our needs and each dog’s personal preferences and you can tell he actually cares, you’re not just number 25 that walked through the door today.  I also really like that someone is there on the premises at all times. The boys got a lot of exercise and came home tired and happy!

Niki A.


Murphy & Jessie

We have been taking our 2 dogs (Murphy and Jessie) to Happy Puppy every week for over 6 years.  We take them for both daytime visits or for boarding while we vacation. Our dogs love being with the other dogs…like they are part of a pack.  We never worry; Kevin takes terrific care of them just like they are his own and they are always eager to go back.  It’s like their 2nd home.

Jackie and Art Lynch


Zippy (From Mom)

After trying two other daycare places, I found the Happy Puppy and have been taking my dog Zippy there for the last 3 years.  Reasons for my unwavering loyalty are:

A large, climate-controlled indoor playroom connects to a fenced-in outdoor area.  The dogs play all day in this space and are not caged.  The owner Kevin Mehling supervises them all day and night (his home connects to the facility).  He also has a dog trainer and other staff who watch the dogs if he cannot be there, but he is almost always there.  Several futons are available for dogs who are pooped from playing.  The place is always clean and in a quiet location away from major roads.

Kevin is a pro at handling dogs, and has years of experience running a successful business.  He is deeply concerned for animal welfare and has a demonstrated record of helping animals in need of a better life.  Best of all, he is a great person with a huge heart, generous spirit, and deep sincerity.

Under his care, dogs get constant stimulation, company, and a routine they love and understand.  All my feeding instructions, medicine instructions, and any special requests are always followed.  I consistently get my dog back looking healthy and happy, and Kevin always gives me feedback on how things went with Zippy during the boarding period.

Kevin started out as a caregiver to my dog 3 years ago and has since become a friend whom I trust as much as my own family.  I trust my dog completely to his care, and this gives me tremendous peace of mind when Zippy needs to be boarded.  It is obvious that Zippy loves going to the Happy Puppy, and that he loves Kevin as much as Kevin loves him.

Hyekyung Kim


Zippy (From Dad)

I have boarded my dog at the ‘Happy Puppy’ with Kevin for the past three years.  I have never met a person with a better grasp of dog psychology and genuine concern for their well being than Kevin.  He is able to give the dogs at the ‘Happy Puppy’ much more freedom to play amongst themselves in a natural and safe way than other daycare places.  He is constantly there every second directly overseeing the play and making sure the dogs are having fun in a controlled environment.

In the last daycare place I went to, they just hired a high school student with no experience to throw a ball all day to a pack of dogs.  In Kevin’s approach, the dogs get a natural experience where they play more with each other.  My dog immediately developed friends there, and it was fun to peek inside to see who he chose to play with.  I thought he would choose another small dog (mine is less than 20 lbs), but he spurned all the other little dogs and ran around all day with goldies and labs.  Now when I drop him off, he races inside at top speed and I can leave knowing he’s getting the best care he can possibly get.

– Jonathan Logan




Happy Puppy is a home away from home for my dog Toby. We have been bringing him to the daycare once or twice a week for 2 years and  we continuously use Happy Puppy to board our dog while we are on vacation. I never worry about Toby while we are gone because I know he is in good hands. He is well taken care of and treated with kindness everyday. Our dog loves going to the the daycare and gets so excited when we pull into the parking lot. He has become very well socialized as a result of interacting with the other dogs on a weekly basis. When I pick up Toby at the end of the day he is exhausted from all of the fun he’s had and he is very mellow in the evening. Toby’s behavior at home has improved tremendously since we started using the daycare. Happy Puppy daycare is the perfect place to take your dog if you truly want a happy well-rounded dog!!!

Kathy Vita



Coco is my  second dog at Happy Puppy in five years and he can’t wait to get into the door.  Kevin really cares about the dogs, and if it weren’t for him and all the dogs, Coco would be a ball of destruction.

Thanks Happy Puppy.

Ellen Husarik




My sassy St. Bernard, Sophie, has been a regular at Happy Puppy since she became part of my family three years ago. She is just as excited today as she was the first week. She still gets all excited when we make the turn toward daycare, whining and pacing about the car. I know that she is happy to see her “friends” when she jumps out of the car and runs right to the door, often before I can grab her leash!

Going to daycare weekly has taught her to play/socialize with all types (and sizes) of dogs not to mention saved a shoe or two of mine! When I board her she isn’t stressed or nervous, she is happy to play with her friends. I can relax when I’m at work or out of town knowing she is being taken care of and happy in a familiar environment. I couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of the Happy Puppy family and am thankful to have such a great place available to us.





We are so glad we found Happy Puppy for our dog Samson.  He loves playing with his friends all day while we are at work.  It also helps give him some exercise during the long Chicago winters!  It’s convenient to where we live and Kevin the owner is great to work with, reliable and very flexible.

– Paula



My dog Buddy has been going to Happy Puppy for years and I know how much he loves going to the doggie daycare because he starts barking out of excitement when we are a half mile away.  Kevin the owner always greets you with a smile and he genuinely cares about the dog.  Also the cage free boarding is great because you know your dog is having fun while you are away.  I highly recommend Happy Puppy.

Pete McMahon